The Disappearance of Sadie Jones

Lyricism, language play and poetic physical performance combine in this visceral and intuitive portrait of the human psyche.
written & directed by Hannah Silva
The trailer:  youtube



“A structurally daring and challenging production that reminds you  how visceral and powerful live performance can be” Exeunt Magazine ****
“The spartan text is conjured into shimmering gamelan lushness, interleaved layers pivoting about shared catchwords, superimposed, staggered, coalescing into riffs and refrains then diverging via counterpoint into cacophony.”
Total Theatre
“Lecoq via Complicité; Berkoff via Frantic; DV8 and Pina Bausch swigged straight from the bottle.” Total Theatre
“The boundaries and also the limitlessness of language are revealed in a confounding puzzle of Beckettian madness” Plays to See ****
“Sadie’s journey is the most entrancing of all the strange avenues that criss-cross through this superbly constructed play. At one point, Sadie directs dead people to dance. It is a brilliant image; beautiful and sad and, despite its surreal nature, somehow honest. What a unique and sensitive imagination Silva possesses – and what a fine understanding of the tiny details that distinguish between the great gulfs in our lives.”  
Miriam Gillinson, Sketches on Theatre
“Sadie herself, thanks to a brilliant performance by Stephanie Greer, switches effortless between being a cheerful young woman and a confused, convulsing being, a change that is as impressive as it is uncanny and troubling. Greer’s Sadie is wonderfully lovable, which makes her increasing illness harder to bear.” Everything Theatre ****
“Reality, mentality, sexuality and imagination merge throughout; a dangerous cocktail leading to explosive, unexpected and surreal outcomes.” Bargain Theatre Land

'The Disappearance of Sadie Jones'

Facebook responses:


‘It was visceral in every sense of the word’


‘wow, a brave and subtle, dynamic piece of theatre. We both enjoyed the play and had lively discussion afterwards. Great actors too – especially the actor playing Sadie.’


‘I went to see Hannah Silva’s play The Disappearance of Sadie Jones in Plymouth last night. It didn’t disappoint. Daring, original, and lyrical it is poetry in motion. The acting is superb and the words stick, get under your skin and demand your attention. Interactive in the best sense of the word.’


‘It was startling and memorable to experience such a direct and compelling dramatisation of mental illness.’


‘Last night – experienced The Disappearance of Sadie Jones, by Hannah Silvaat Peninsula Arts. AMAZING piece of theatre. Weird start, crunchy middle, verbal onslaught after verbal onslaught on the mind, and silence at blackout. Then the applause. A must see performance.’


‘Great writing, and lovely performances: a tense word net that holds us in suspense knowing the worst and knowing nothing at the same time …’


'The Disappearance of Sadie Jones'

written & directed by Hannah Silva
performed by Alan Humphreys, Stephanie Greer & Elizabeth Crarer
dramaturgy: David Lane
Stage and Costume: Fiona Chivers
Lighting: Gary Bowman
Associate Producer: Milan Govedarica

10-20 April: Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

2nd October: Queen’s Theatre Studio, Barnstaple

8th &9th October: Lantern Theatre, Liverpool

10th – 12th October: The Lowry studio

23-24th October: Seven Arts, Leeds

25th-26th October: Upstairs at the Western, Leicester

20th November: Capital Theatre Festival MAC, Birmingham

21st November:  Peninsula Arts, Plymouth

26th-30th: Pleasance Studio, Islington


The Disappearance of Sadie Jones was developed through residencies at Beaford Arts, Camden People’s Theatre and the Bike Shed Theatre. It is supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and using public funding from Arts Council England.


@tom_mansfield Really enjoyed Hannah Silva’s Disappearance of Sadie Jones‪@mac_birmingham this eve. Beautifully written, formally inventive stuff.

@jonathanapemrys Such a great launch night ‪@capitalplays with ‪@finkennedytalking ‘In Battalions’ and ‪@HannahSilvaUK ‘s The Disappearance of Sadie Jones!

Mark Wallace ‏‪@southfields ‘The Disappearance of Sadie Jones’: affecting, innovative theatre. We’re lucky to be seeing this calibre of work in Devon.

sarah chapman ‏‪@MsSnails Wonderful performance tonight. Visually beautiful. Acoustically delightful. Highly recommend‪#TheDisappearanceofSadieJones

Jayne Stanton ‏‪@stantonjayne‪@NeilMay1 ‪@UpstairsWestern‪@NineArchesPress ‪@Joanne_Hartley I liked having space to interpret characters/plot myself.

Neil May ‏‪@NeilMay1Enjoyed ‪#TheDisappearanceofSadieJones by‪@HannahSilvaUK ‪@UpstairsWestern last night, a cohesive fusion of naturalism & physical theatre!

Nine Arches Press ‏‪@NineArchesPress Entrancing & charged performance‪@UpstairsWestern tonight, thoroughly recommend ‪@HannahSilvaUK‘s The Disappearance of Sadie Jones

Joanne Hartley ‏‪@Joanne_Hartley Really enjoyed workshop and performance of ‘The Disappearance of Sadie Jones’ with & by ‪@HannahSilvaUK . Inspiring, refreshing, exciting.

The Wild Writers ‏‪@WildWriters ‪@Seven_Arts ‪@UpstairsWestern ‪@LTLivDead good this. The dialogue was poetic.

Alexa Tewkesbury ‏‪@AlexaTewkesbury Do grab the chance to see ‘The Disappearance of Sadie Jones’ from ‪@HannahSilvaUK . Beautiful & stunningly performed  


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