Field & McGlynn

Field & McGlynn


Schlock! is a powerful feminist satire for the cut and paste generation. In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah has ripped up her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and now, surrounded by the crumpled pages and with the help of radical punk-pirate Kathy Acker, she attempts to put the female body back together. Join them on a journey through texts and voices pregnant with pain and pleasure, mothers and babies, domination and submission. In a performance as strange as it is beautiful, we discover there are no safe words.

Weird and unsettling … authentic and deeply considered … a tidal wave of words that maybe, just maybe, contains extracts from all the feminist books ever written  – Exeunt Magazine

Schlock! will premiere at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2014 on Saturday 8th November 

Produced by Penned in the Margins, funded by the Arts Council England.


After last year’s delightful cross-art collaboration between Ian McMillan and Fran Crowe (Pilotage), we’ve been thinking hard about who and what should be the recipient of the Aldeburgh Poetry Commission 2014. Ideas and suggestions have been plentiful, but nothing felt quite right until we started talking to Tom Chivers of Penned in the Margins… and suddenly we had the gut reaction we’d been seeking. A unanimous Yes! Tom introduced us to the work of poet, playwright and vocal performance artistHannah Silva and we were knocked out by her exhilarating and singular approach to ‘text’ and knew we wanted her to be part of Aldeburgh 2014.

Penned in the Margins is producing Hannah’s next show –Schlock! – and we’re delighted to have agreed just this week that The Poetry Trust will be the commissioning partner and that Hannah will deliver the first public performance of Schlock! at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2014, with a tour proposed in 2015. To whet everyone’s appetite, here’s a summary description from Tom about the new show:

Schlock! is the result of a collision between Fifty Shades of Grey, the radical punk-pirate Kathy Acker and the sounds of Sonic Youth. In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah Silva layers, loops and subverts in pursuit of a violent sexual feminist satire. There are no safe words.”

It was a surprise bonus to discover that Hannah grew up just down the road from Aldeburgh and is definitely a ‘local girl’ who’s already achieved significant international recognition. And of course if she wins this year’s Ted Hughes Award for her shortlisted latest solo work Total Man, we’ll be extra thrilled. But mainly we’re just very excited to invest in the creative content of her next piece of work. Watch this space for updates as Schlock! develops over the coming months.

A twenty minute extract of Schlock! can be seen at this year’s Pulse Festival, Suitcase Prize 30th May from 17:30, New Wolsey Studio. 


Tom Chivers, Naomi Jaffa, Hannah Silva

Tom Chivers, Naomi Jaffa, Hannah Silva


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