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Happy New Year!

I’m well into the January Blues. Mitigated slightly by buying Edward Lear’s ‘Alphabet of Nonsense’ from the British Library.

J was a Jackdaw
Who hopped up and down,
In the principle street
Of a neighbouring town.


A message for the 219 followers who get my blog delivered via email…

Tom Chivers of Penned in the Margins has been helping me migrate to slick new website that includes this blog within it.

So I’m going to be closing shop here. Thank you for following my posts, for your comments and shares.

Please come with me to: -it works pretty much the same.

Coming up there: an interview with Ross Sutherland, a blog about using sign-language in Schlock!, and perhaps something about what happens when we view one artform through the lens of another: choreographing language, composing with the body, writing with sound…

So far we haven’t figured out how you can follow my blog over at, so please keep an eye out for future posts which I’ll tweet @HannahSilvaUK or Facebook: HannahSilvatheatre

Thanks all!



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