Speculations On Wellman, Part Two

Working on a paper for the ‘Turning the Page’ conference in Reading next weekend, and came across this blog and Stephen Foglia on playwright Mac Wellman’s ‘Speculations’. “In modern drama, the Strange is often challenging and (at least initially) unclear. It needs Charm to support it. ” (Foglia) – go to the source for Parts one and three!

Undermain Blog

All plots are not stories. All stories are not plots.

For writers this point may be obvious, but in truth most audiences treat story and plot as if they were one and the same.  The plot is the series of actions (and its structure) by which a story is communicated.  Story exists near to the realm of idea.  Plot is made of bone and earth.  To get a gross idea of the distinction, imagine asking a friend who has just seen a movie, “what was it about?” Although your friend may sprinkle her response with bits of plot (“there’s a nuclear warhead that’s gone missing…”), chances are you will also hear general thematic notes (“it’s kind of about military insanity and government corruption…”) and eventually narrow to something starting to resemble a story (“one person fights the enormous, implacable forces bent on war”).  By contrast, imagine asking your friend “what happened in the movie?”  There, you are…

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