Sketches on Theatre – Opposition Review

slogan chanting audience @Bike Shed theatre, photo Eileen Long

Big (and Bold) Thank You to Miriam Gillinson for an excellent & detailed review of Opposition at Pulse last week.  It’s great to have comments on the non-lectern sections of the work e.g the sofa cut up news part & audience interaction – and it also raises that question of how to label the show…by calling it/me many things. I’m thinking about this issue at the moment, might blog about it soon….Read the full review here: Sketches on Theatre, and here’s an extract:

Hannah Silva is one of a kind. In fact, she’s about five performers in one; a performance poet, an expressive dancer, a lecturer, a motivational speaker and an impressionist. Her show, ‘Opposition’, is positively schizophrenic. It’s a wired, slippery and brilliantly insightful performance, in which Silva not only explores but embodies the idea of political double speak.

[….] As the TV flickers robotically in the shadows, Silva blurts out depressing, obscure headlines; ‘1 year old murdered pregnant girl!’ The news stories have been warped beyond recognition yet, frighteningly, they still feel real. Amidst these headlines, Silva also voices her own confusion. As she marvels at just how fucked up mankind is, her body twists oddly around the sofa, mimicking the churning she (and we) feels inside….(Miriam Gillinson)

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