Hannah Silva doing Irish step

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…. some of my favourite examples of searches that lead people to this blog…..



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2 responses to “Hannah Silva doing Irish step

  1. Chris Tyzack

    Dear Hannah

    My wife Kareen and I liked your show very much in ‘Opposition’, Barnstaple a couple of nights ago – looking at your inspirations we wondered if you had ever heard the Dadaist poets in performance recorded in the 1920’s? [Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate (1922-32, “Primal Sonata”) for example]. I have a copy somewhere [probably tape!]and will look it out for us to revisit its strange beauty

    Anyway, we will look forward to seeing you in the future.

    Much appreciation for a great performance

    Chris and Kareen Tyzack

  2. Hi Chris and Kareen,
    Thanks very much for coming and for your message!
    – Yes, I do know sound poetry and Dadaist work etc, there are definitely some connections. Mostly my work with voice and sound is inspired by contemporary music such as Luciano Berio’s Sequenza for voice, and other composers who work with ‘extended vocal techniques’. I started out studying music seriously and went into the vocal stuff as a result of that – I found a way to use my musical training and the articulation techniques I’d developed as a wind instrument player in my ‘poetry’ performances.
    you might like this website: http://www.ubu.com/
    – some Kurt Schwitters on it and other delights!
    Thanks again, and hope to see you soon too,
    Very Best

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