Prosthetics at Ferment, Bristol Old Vic

just to prove I've been known to smile during performances...

What I should have said….

Well, it was a pretty intense for me last night at Ferment. Jack Dean opened the double bill with a really lovely new show called ‘Rain’. Hopefully he’ll develop it into a full length piece. He’s a really natural likable performer. He got us singing along and all generous and happy. And er, then I went on and kicked the audience in the gut when their guard was down! Particularly the last part of my set – Prosthetics – is a bit heavy. I went for it at the end, and really enjoyed performing but kind of felt unable to come back on in non-performance mode and say thank you at the end …on the train back to Plymouth I was really regretting that so, I just wanted to say now:

Thank you audience for coming! & for Ferment for having me! & apologies for punching you and not being able to talk like a human immediately afterwards! & hopefully see you again sometime, maybe at Opposition, which is less heavy and more funny…

Seriously, thank you for coming. It was my first performance in Bristol – apart from something in a basement of a pub years ago – and it was lovely to see you there. Keep in touch.


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  1. clarification: I didn’t actually punch any audience members 🙂

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