Opposition final rehearsals Day Two

'I am waiting for us to say that some things are right and some things are wrong' (Tony Benn) photo by Eileen Long

I’m going to do a showing of Opposition on Weds 10th at Plymouth University room 319 at 3pm. Mars.tarrab show ‘Tomboy Blues’ at 4:15. I don’t think I’ll have time to send proper invites so if you read this and would like to come let me know. There’s a limit of 30 seats so not poss to just turn up on the day…

Yesterday’s rehearsal…

I did manage a run through, it was a bit painful but I now have a place to take my jacket off in the style of Jed Bartlett. I’ve also managed to put a breather in before the crazy final sequence in which the whole piece gets cut up.

Today I need to find more detail in between loud and quiet….I don’t have to push it out there so much in a small space. As Mark says – in some places I can just perform it and leave the door open for the audience to join me if they want to, or not. It sounds clearer when he says it. I also need to work on being aware of audience around the sides. If I forget them in the beginning they might not be up for chanting ‘We do big things’ with me later on…

The sun is shining.


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