Opposition final rehearsals day 3

photo by Joanna Lee composer extraordinaire...

Me looking happy to go with a happy rehearsal…

Day 3 was a good one.  Why why. I started to enjoy it, to play around. Starting to treat it more as a kind of operetta…exploring different rhythms and resonances…I developed a special relationship with the chairs around the side and the imaginary people sitting in them. I even considered winking at one point. I didn’t. I won’t. The audience participation sections went particularly well, very energetic, nearly killed me in time for Churchill. Considering there was no audience that’s quite a feat.

What else… well we worked on the U.S section, good in rehearsal…not there yet in the run through but that’s OK. The image is that a giant balloon inflates taking over the entire stage and the audience. It needs to be painful, overwhelming but I need to not shout. In the run through it was a bit shouty. My new favourite bit is doing the Bush quote as a barking dog: ‘If our country does not lead the cause of freedom it will not be led’ ruff ruff

And I’ve sold 13 tickets so far for the show in Edinburgh. I’m happy about that.

Time for a glass of port – allowed as according to Mark good for throat…

It is cloudy and raining.



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