Opposition final rehearsals Day One

Yesterday was the first day of final rehearsals before Edinburgh Fringe.

Mars.tarrab (Tomboy Blues), me (Opposition), Mark Laville (director of both, Barbican Theatre) and nat tarrab’s dog (Leo)

The first thing we did was tape out the floor of ZOO Southside studio space. 4 metres by 3.8metres.

The second thing we did was swear a lot and announce we like big spaces.

The third thing we did was laugh a little bit in a panicked fashion.

The fourth thing we did was try to figure out how to put a sofa, lectern, umbrella and me into the space.

The fifth thing we did was remember there is also a coffee table and TV

The sixth thing we did was move the umbrella central to see if that helped.

The seventh thing we did was move it back.

The eighth thing we did was sit in the chairs around the side and wonder if the audience would mind watching my back.

The ninth thing we did was panic about ‘professional Edinburgh audiences’ who attend shows so they can walk out of them.

It was a pretty good day. Today I will attempt a run through.


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